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Journal of Institutional Economics

Volume 1, 2005 (2 issues) 

Issue 2(1) June 2005


For free online sample articles from this issue click HERE


John Searle, “What is an institution?”


Viktor Vanberg, “Market and state: the perspective of constitutional political economy”


Cristiano Antonelli, “Models of knowledge and systems of governance”


Peter T. Leeson, “Endogenizing fractionalization”


Sean Flynn, “Why only some industries unionize: insights from reciprocity theory”


Fragment: “The present position of economics” by Alfred Marshall (1885)


Issue 2(2) December 2005


Michel Zouboulakis, “On the evolutionary character of North’s idea of institutional change”


Axel Ockenfels and Werner Güth, “The coevolution of morality and legal institutions: an indirect evolutionary approach”


Elaine Tan, “Ideology, interest groups and institutional change: the case of the British prohibition of payments in kind”


Matthew H. Bonds and Jeffrey J. Pompe, “Improving institutional incentives for public land management: an econometric analysis of school trust land leases”


Matthew Wilson, “Institutionalism, critical realism and the critique of mainstream economics”


Fragment: “Institution” by Walton Hamilton (1932)