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Journal of Institutional Economics

 Volume 2, 2006 (3 issues)

Issue 2(1), April 2006


John B. Davis, “The turn in economics: neoclassical dominance to mainstream pluralism?”


Antonella Zucchella, “Local cluster dynamics: trajectories of mature industrial districts between decline and  multiple embeddedness”


Huáscar Fialho Pessali, “The rhetoric of Oliver Williamson’s transaction cost economics”


Werner Hölzl, “Convergence of financial systems: towards an evolutionary perspective”


Review Essay: Christopher May, “Social limits to the commodification of knowledge: ten years of TRIPs”


Fragment: “Economic theory and economic history”, Werner Sombart (1929)


Issue 2(2), August 2006


Marco Janssen, Introduction to the special issue on institutions and ecosystems: Historical institutional analysis of social-ecological systems”


John Anderies, “Robutness, institutions and large-scale changes in socio-ecological systems: the Hohokam of the Phoenix Basin”


Esther Mwangi, “The footprints of history: property rights transformation in Kenya’s Maasailand”


Theo A. J. Toonen, Gerrit S.A. Dijkstra, and Frits van der Meer, “Modernisation and reform of Dutch waterboards: resilience or change?”


Wai Fung Lam, “Foundations of a robust social-ecological system: irrigation institutions in Taiwan”


Ganesh P. Shivakoti, Ram C. Bastakoti, “The robustness of Montane irrigation systems of Thailand in a dynamic human-water resources interface”


Issue 2(3), December 2006


Vernon W. Ruttan, “Social science knowledge and induced institutional innovation: an institutional design perspective”


Stacey J. Anderson and Stephen P. Dunn, “Galbraith and the management of specific demand: evidence from the tobacco industry”


Carsten Herrmann-Pillath, “Endogenous regionalism”


Carlo Marco Belfanti, “Between mercantilism and market: privileges for invention in early modern Europe”


Review Article: Fabio Rojas, “Sociological imperialism in three theories of the market”


Fragment: Simmel’s Treatise on the Triad (1908)