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Journal of Institutional Economics

 Volume 10, 2014 (4 issues)

Issue 10(1), March 2014


John Buchanan, Dominic Chai and Simon Deakin, “Empirical analysis of legal institutions and institutional change: multiple-methods approaches and their application to corporate governance research”


Travis Wiseman and Andrew Young, “Religion: productive or unproductive?”


Xavier Hollandts and Virgile Chassignon, “Who are the owners of the firm: shareholders, employees or no-one?”


John A. Dove, “Financial markets, fiscal constraints, and municipal debt: lessons and evidence from the panic of 1873”


Henning Schwardt and Wolfram Elsner, “Trust and arena size. Expectations, trust, and institutions co-evolving, and their critical population and group sizes. Some clarification in a more formal perspective”


Aljaz Kuncic, “Institutional quality dataset”


Koen Frenken, “The evolution of the Dutch dairy industry and the rise of cooperatives: A research note”


Issue 10(2), June 2014


Juha Hiedanpää and Daniel W. Bromley, “Payments for environmental services: Durable habits, dubious nudges, doubtful efficacy”


Michael A. Zaggl, “Eleven mechanisms for the evolution of cooperation”


Christopher Boudreaux, “Jumping off of the Great Gatsby curve: How institutions facilitate entrepreneurship and intergenerational mobility”


Faruk Ulgen, “Schumpeterian economic development and financial innovations: A conflicting evolution”


Carl Hampus Lyttkens and Andreas Bergh, “Measuring institutional quality in ancient Athens”


Dalibor Rohac, “Policy credibility and the political economy of reform: the case of Egypt’s commodity subsidies”


Jakob Kapeller and Stefan Steinerberger, “Modeling the evolution of preferences: An Answer to Schubert and Cordes


Christian Schubert, Christian Cordes, and Peter J. Richerson “Reply to ‘Modeling the Evolution of Preferences: An Answer to Schubert and Cordes’”


Issue 10(3), September 2014


Daniel H. Cole, Graham Epstein and Michael McGinnis, “Digging deeper into Hardin’s pasture: The complex institutional structure of the ‘tragedy of the commons’”


Valentin Seidler, “When do institutional transfers work? The relation between institutions, culture and the transplant effect: the case of Bornu in north-eastern Nigeria.”


Olivier Brette, Thomas Buhler, Nathalie Lazaric, and Kevin Marechal, “Reconsidering the nature and effects of habits in urban transportation behaviour”


Javier Alfonso-Gil, Maricruz Lacalle-Calderon, and Rocio Sanchez-Mangas, “Civil liberty and economic growth in the world: A long-run perspective, 1850-2010”


Bryan McCannon, “Trust, reciprocity, and a preference for economic freedom: experimental evidence”


Randall Holcombe, “The economic theory of rights”


Michelle Hallack and Miguel Vazquez “Who decides the rules for network use? A ‘common pool’ analysis of gas network regulation”


Issue 10(4), December 2014




Geoffrey M. Hodgson and J. W. Stoelhorst, “Introduction to the special issue on the future of institutional and evolutionary economics”


Claude Ménard and Mary Shirley, “The future of new institutional Economics: From early intuitions to a new paradigm?”


Claude Ménard, “Embedding organizational arrangements: Towards a general model”


Geoffrey M. Hodgson, “On fuzzy frontiers and fragmented foundations: Some reflections on the original and new institutional economics”


Sidney G. Winter, “The future of evolutionary economics: Can we break out of the beachhead?”


Ulrich Witt, “The future of evolutionary economics: Why the modalities of explanation matter”


J. W. Stoelhorst, “The future of evolutionary economics lies in a vision from the past”