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Economics for the Millennium
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Journal of Institutional Economics

 Volume 11, 2015 (4 issues)

Issue 11(1), March 2015


Roger Koppl, Stuart Kauffman, Teppo Felin, and Giuseppe Longo, “Economics for a creative world”


David Colander, “Creative economics for a creative world: A comment”


John Foster, “Next steps toward an economics for a creative world: A comment”


Pavel Pelikan, “Economics for a creative world: Some agreements and some criticism”


Ulrich Witt, “Causality and regularity in a ‘creative world’”


Roger Koppl, Stuart Kauffman, Teppo Felin, and Giuseppe Longo “Economics for a creative world: a response to comments”


Bas van Bavel, “History as a laboratory to better understand the formation of institutions”


Douglas Allen, “Coasean method: lessons from the farm”


Kostadis J. Papaioannou and Jan Luiten van Zanden, “The Dictator Effect: How long years in office affect economic development” (supplementary material)


Andreas P. Kyriacou and Francisco José López Velásquez, “Inequality and culture in a cross section of countries”


Lotta Moberg, “The political economy of special economic zones”


Guilherme Signorini, R. Brent Ross and H. Christopher Peterson “Historical analysis of institutions and organizations: the case of the Brazilian electricity sector”


Issue 11(2), June 2015


Ronald H. Coase Memorial Issue


Geoffrey M. Hodgson, Claude Ménard, Mary Shirley, and Ning Wang, “Introduction to the Ronald H. Coase memorial issue”


Oliver E. Williamson, “Ronald Harry Coase: institutional economist and institution builder”


Mary M. Shirley, Ning Wang, and Claude Ménard, “Ronald Coase’s impact on economics”


Brian Loasby, “Ronald Coase's theory of the firm and the scope of economics”


Ugo Pagano and Massimiliano Vatiero, “Costly institutions as substitutes: Novelty and limits of the Coasian approach”


Thomas Miceli, “Transaction-specific investments and organizational choice: a Coase-to-Coase theory”


Enrico Rossi, “The institutional structure of production revisited”


Brett M. Frischmann and Alain Marciano, “Understanding the problem of social cost”


Steven G. Medema, “‘A magnificent business prospect ...’ the Coase Theorem, the extortion problem, and the creation of Coase theorem worlds”


Douglas Allen, “The Coase Theorem: Coherent, logical, and not disproved”


Kirsten Foss and Nicolai Foss, “Coasian and modern property rights economics”


Elodie Bertrand, “‘The Fugitive’: The figure of the judge in Coase’s economics”


Wolter Lemstra, John Groenewegen, Piet De Vries, Rajen Akalu, “Two perspectives on radio spectrum trading: Coase and Commons compared”



Issue 11(3), September 2015


Frank Hindriks and Francesco Guala, “Institutions, rules, and equilibria: A unified theory”


Vernon L. Smith “Conduct, rules and the origins of institutions”


Masahiko Aoki “Why is the equilibrium notion essential for a unified institutional theory? A friendly remark on the article by Hindriks and Guala”


Robert Sugden “On ‘common-sense ontology’: a comment on the paper by Hindriks and Guala”


Kenneth Binmore “Institutions, rules and equilibria: a commentary”


Geoffrey M. Hodgson “On defining institutions: rules versus equilibria”


John R. Searle “Status functions and institutional facts: reply to Hindriks and Guala”


Francesco Guala and Frank Hindriks, “Understanding Institutions: Replies to Aoki, Binmore, Hodgson, Searle, Smith, and Sugden”


A forum on minds and institutions


Teppo Felin, “A forum on minds and institutions”


Giovanni Dosi and Luigi Marengo, “The dynamics of organizational structures and performances under diverging distributions of knowledge and different power structures”


Cass R. Sunstein and Reid Hastie, “Garbage in, garbage out? Some micro sources of macro errors”


A forum on the judgment-based approach to entrepreneurship


Nicolai J. Foss and Peter G. Klein ‘Introduction to a forum on the judgment-based approach to entrepreneurship: accomplishments, challenges, new directions’


Andrew C. Godley and Mark C. Casson, “‘Doctor, doctor…’ entrepreneurial diagnosis and market making”


Niklas L. Hallberg, “Uncertainty, judgment, and the theory of the firm”


Jeffery S. McMullen, “Entrepreneurial judgment as empathic accuracy:  A sequential decision making approach to entrepreneurial action”




Issue 11(4), December 2015 (forthcoming)



Geoffrey M. Hodgson, “Much of the ‘economics of property rights’ devalues property and legal rights”


Douglas Allen, “On Hodgson on property rights”


Yoram Barzel, “What are ‘property rights,’ and why do they matter? A comment on Hodgson’s article”


Daniel Cole, “‘Economic Property Rights’ as ‘nonsense upon stilts’: A comment on Hodgson”


Geoffrey M. Hodgson, “What Humpty Dumpty might have said about property rights – and the need to put them back together again: A response to critics”


John B. Davis and Robert McMaster, “Situating care in mainstream health economics: an ethical dilemma?


Michael R. Williams and Joshua C. Hall, “Hackerspaces: a case study in the creation and management of a common pool resource”


Michel Zouboulakis, "Customary rule-following behaviour in the work of John Stuart Mill and Alfred Marshall"


Stuart John Barton, “Why Zambia failed”


Luca Adriani and Fabio Sabatini, “Trust and prosocial behaviour in a process of state capacity building: the case of the Palestinian Territories”


Evguenia Bessonova and Ksenia Gonchar, “Bypassing weak institutions in a large late-comer economy”