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Journal of Institutional Economics

 Volume 15, 2019 (6 issues)

Issue 15(1), February 2019

Cyril Hédoin, “Institutions, rule-following and conditional reasoning”


Brendan Markey-Towler, “The competition and evolution of ideas in the public sphere: a new foundation for institutional theory”


Jon D. Wisman, “The Darwinian dynamic of sexual selection that Thorstein Veblen missed and its relevance to institutional economics".


Symposium on the Empirics of Judicial Institutions


Alain Marciano and Giovanni Battista Ramello “Introduction to the symposium on the empirics of judicial institutions”


Giovanni Battista Ramello, Alain Marciano, Allesandro MelcarneandThe economic importance of judicial institutions, their performance and the proper way to measure them”


Stefan Voigt and Alexander J. Wulf, “What makes prosecutors independent? Analyzing the institutional determinants of prosecutorial independence”


Giuseppe Di Vita, Fabio Di Vita and Gianluca Cafiso, “The economic impact of legislation and litigation on growth: a historical analysis of Italy from its unification to World War II.”


Michael Berlemann and Robin Christmann, “Determinants of in-court settlements: empirical evidence from a German trial court”


Luciana L. Yeung, “Bias, Insecurity and the level of trust in the judiciary: the case of Brazil”


Issue 15(2), April 2019