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Journal of Institutional Economics

 Volume 4, 2008 (3 issues)

Issue 4(1), April 2008


Ulrich Witt “Observational learning, group selection, and societal evolution”


Richard Grabowski “Models of long-run development: Latin America and East Asia


John Groenewegen and Martin de Jong “Assessing the potential of new institutional economics to explain institutional change: the case of road management liberalization in the Nordic countries”


Edward Nik-Khah “A tale of two auctions”


Review Article: Michael Ellman “The political economy of Stalinism in the light of the archival revolution”


Fragment: “Capital” by Frank A. Fetter (1930)


Issue 4(2), August 2008


Viktor Vanberg “On the complementarity of liberalism and democracy: A reading of F. A. Hayek and J. M. Buchanan”


Cristiani Antonelli and Morris Tuebal “Knowledge-intensive property rights and the evolution of venture capitalism”


Steve Fleetwood “Structure, institution, agency, habit and reflexive deliberation”


Anastassios Karayiannis and George C. Bitros “Values and institutions as determinants of entrepreneurship in Ancient Athens”


Jean-Philippe Colin “Disentangling intra-kinship property rights in land: A contribution of economic ethnography to land economics in Africa

Fragment: W. Jethro Brown (1905) “The personality of the corporation and the state”


Issue 4(3), December 2008


Christoph Engel “Learning the law”


Claudia Williamson and Carrie B. Kerekes “Unveiling de Soto’s mystery: Property rights, capital formation, and development”


Luis Miguel Miller “Two notions of convention: An experimental analysis”


Antti Gronow “Not by rules or choice alone: A pragmatist critique of institution theories in economics and sociology”


R. Maria Saleth and Ariel Dinar “Linkages within institutional structure: An empirical analysis of water institutions”


Fragment from The Nasirean Ethics: Nasir ad-Din Tusi on social cooperation and the division of labor

Guang-Zhen Sun