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Journal of Institutional Economics

 Volume 5, 2009 (3 issues)

Issue 5(1), April 2009


Christopher J. Coyne and Peter J. Boettke “The problem of credible commitment in reconstruction”


David Gindis “From fictions and aggregates to real entities in the theory of the firm”


Sophia Rüster and Anne Neumann “Linking alternative theories of the firm – a first empirical application to the liquified natural gas industry”


Sambit Bhattacharyya “Institutions, diseases and economic progress: A unified framework”


Tanya Wanchek “Exports and legal institutions: exploring the connection in transition economies”


Fragment: John R. Commons “Marx to-day: capitalism and socialism” (1925)


Issue 5(2), August 2009


Thráinn Eggertsson “Knowledge and the theory of institutional change”


Chris Kingston and Gonzalo Caballero “Comparing theories of institutional change”


Sukkoo Kim “Institutions and U.S. regional development: A study of Massachusetts and Virginia


Javed Younas “Does institutional quality affect capital mobility? Evidence from developing countries”


Feng Deng “Comparative urban institutions and intertemporal externality: A revisit of the Coase conjecture”


Fragment: “Self-deceit and self-serving bias: Adam Smith on ‘general rules’”


Issue 5(3), December 2009


Richard G. Lipsey “Economic growth related to mutually interdependent institutions and technologies”


Peter Spiegler and William Milberg “The taming of institutions in economics: the rise and methodology of the ‘new new institutionalism’”


Helena Lopes, Ana C. Santos and Nuno Teles “The motives for cooperation in work organisations”


Joachim Zweynert “Interests versus culture in the theory of institutional change”


Review Essay: Jochen Runde “Ontology and the foundations of evolutionary economic theory: Considering Dopfer and Pott’s The General Theory of Economic Evolution


Fragment: Thorstein Veblen (1909) “The limitations of marginal utility”