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Journal of Institutional Economics

 Volume 6, 2010 (4 issues)

Issue 6(1), March 2010


Richard A. Posner “From the new institutional economics to organization economics: with applications to corporate governance, government agencies, and legal institutions”


With comments by Richard Adelstein, Amita Aviram, Jürgen Backhaus, Young Back Choi, Bruno S. Frey, Roger Koppl, John Linarelli, Barbara Luppi and Francesco Parisi, Steven G. Medema, Elinor Ostrom, Ugo Pagano, John Roberts, and Thomas S. Ulen, plus a response by Posner himself.


Issue 6(2), June 2010


Fuat Oguz “Hayek on tacit knowledge”


David A. Harper “Numbers as a cognitive and social technology: On the nature of conventional number sequences used in economic systems”


Asimina Christoforou “Social capital and human development: an empirical investigation across European countries”


Jacob Weisdorf, Matthew Baker, and Erwin Bulte “The origins of governments: from anarchy to hierarchy”


Shawn Humphrey and Bradley A. Hansen “Constraining the state's ability to employ force: the standing army debates, 1697-99”


Bradley Plunkett, Fabio Ribas Chaddad and Michael L. Cook “Ownership structure and incentives to invest: dual structured irrigation co-operatives in Australia”


Issue 6(3), September 2010


Ariel BenYishay and Roger R. Betancourt “Civil liberties and economic development”


Mark Dincecco “Fragmented authority from ancien régime to modernity: a quantitative analysis”


Richard Adelstein “Firms as social actors”


Anna Grandori “Asset commitment, constitutional governance and the nature of the firm”


Insa Theesfeld, Christian Schleyer and Olivier Aznar “The procedure for institutional compatibility assessment: ex-ante policy assessment from an institutional perspective”


Kurt Dopfer and Jason Potts “Why evolutionary realism underpins evolutionary economic analysis and theory: A reply to Runde’s critique”


Issue 6(4), December 2010


Philip Mirowski “Inherent vice: Complexity versus behavioral explanations of the economic crisis of 2007-*: Minsky, markomata, and the tendency of markets to undermine themselves”


Christophe Engel “The behaviour of corporate actors: A survey of the empirical literature


Virgile Chasignon and Bernard Baudry “The close relation between organization theory and Oliver Williamson’s transaction cost economics: A theory of the firm perspective”


Carl Hampus Lyttkens “Institutions, taxation, and market relationships in ancient Athens”


David Andersson “Liberalism after Burczak: redistribution, worker self-management, and the market process"


Gilberto Turati “Different contracts in the civil code for different organizations in the market: comparing co-operative and stock banks using a cost frontier approach”