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Journal of Institutional Economics

 Volume 7, 2011 (4 issues)

Issue 7(1), March 2011


Christian Cordes, Peter Richerson, Richard McElreath and Pontus Strimling "How does opportunistic behavior influence firm size? An evolutionary approach to organizational behavior"


Eric J. Heikkila “An information perspective on path dependence”


Magnus Henrekson and Tino Sanandaji “the interaction of entrepreneurship and  institutions”


Tade O. Okediji “Social fragmentation and economic growth: evidence from developing countries”


Lennart Erixon “Development blocks, malinvestment and structural tensions – the Åkerman-Dahmén theory of the business cycle”


Richard E. Wagner and Petrik Runst “Choice, emergence, and constitutional process: A framework for positive analysis"


Issue 7(2), June 2011




Nathalie Lazaric “Organizational routines and cognition: An introduction to empirical and analytical contributions”


Ulrich Witt “Emergence and functionality of organizational routines: An individualistic approach”


Jack Vromen “Routines as multilevel mechanisms”


Luciana D’Adderio “Artefacts at the centre of routines: performing the material turn in routines theory”


Teppo Felin and Nicolai Foss “The endogenous origins of experience, routines and organizational capabilities: the poverty of stimulus”


Sidney G. Winter “Problems at the foundation? Comments on Felin and Foss”


Brian Pentland "The foundation is solid, if you know where to look: Comment on Felin and Foss" 

Geoffrey M. Hodgson and Thorbjørn Knudsen “Poverty of stimulus and absence of cause: some questions for Felin and Foss”


Issue 7(3), September 2011




Mark Blyth , Geoffrey M. Hodgson, Orion Lewis, Sven Steinmo “Introduction to the Special Issue on the Evolution of Institutions”


Elinor Ostrom and Xavier Basurto “Crafting analytical tools to study institutional change”


Robin Dunbar “Constraints on the evolution of social institutions and their implications for information flow


Ugo Pagano "Interlocking Complementarities and Institutional Change.".


Eric D. Beinhocker “Evolution as computation: Implications for economic theory and ontology”


Jamie Morgan and Wendy Olsen “Conceptual issues in institutional economics: clarifying the fluidity of rules”


Scott A. Carson "Southeastern institutional change and biological variation:  evidence from the 19th century Tennessee state prison".


Issue 7(4), December 2011




Ha-Joon Chang “Institutions and economic development: theory, policy, and history”


Peter Boettke and Alexander Fink “Institutions first”


Maria Brouwer “On markets and men”


Young Back Choi “Can an unwilling horse be made drink?”


Christopher Clague “Look how far we have come”


Eelke De Jong “Culture, institutions and economic growth”


Amitava Dutt “Institutional change and economic development: concepts, theory and political economy”


Kenneth Jameson “ Institutions and development: what a difference geography and time make!”


Philip Keefer “Institutions really don’t matter for development? A response to Chang”


Mwangi Kimenyi “Institutions and development: the primacy of microanalysis”


Robert Maseland “How we can make institutional economics better”


Jeffrey Nugent “Institutions and development: generalizations that endanger progress”


Jaime Ros “Institutions and growth: the times series and cross section evidence”


David F. Ruccio “Development, institutions, and class”


Mary Shirley “What should be the standards for scholarly criticism?”


Virgil Storr “Which institutions matter? Separating the chaff from the wheat”


John J. Wallis “Deconstructing the dominant discourse: Chang on institutions and development”


Ha-Joon Chang “Reply to the Comments on ‘Institutions and economic development: theory, policy, and history’”