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Journal of Institutional Economics

 Volume 8, 2012 (4 issues)


Issue 8(1), March 2012


Pascal Boyer and Michael Petersen “The naturalness of (many) social institutions: evolved cognition as their foundation”


Bernard Chavance “John Commons’s organizational theory of institutions: A discussion”


Randy Holcombe and Cortney Rodet “Rule of Law and the Size of Government”


Thorvald Gran "John R. Searle on the concept of political power, the power of states and war-making: Why states demand a monopoly of the organisation and use of soldiers".


Everard Cowan “Using organizational economics to engage cultural key masters in creating change in forensic science administration to minimize bias and errors”


Andrew Schein "Institutional reversals and economic growth: Palestine 1516-1948"

Issue 8(2), June 2012

Thomas Miceli "Judicial versus 'natural' selection of legal rules with an application to accident law"


Thomas Lamarche and Marianne Rubinstein "Dynamics of corporate social responsibility: towards a new 'conception of control'?"


Andreas Bergh, Niclas Berggren and Christian Bjornskov "The growth effects of institutional instability"


Ram Bastakoti and Ganesh Shivakoti "Rules and collective action: an institutional analysis of the performance of irrigation systems in Nepal"


Karen Eggleston "Prescribing institutions: explaining the evolution of physician dispensing"


Teppo Felin and Nicolai Foss "The (proper) microfoundations of routines and capabilities: A Response to Winter, Pentland, Hodgson and Knudsen"

Issue 8(3), September 2012

Darrell Arnold and Frank P. Maier-Rigaud "The enduring relevance of Hans Albert’s Critique of model Platonism for economics and public policy"


Hans Albert "Model Platonism: neoclassical economic thought in critical light"


Cyril Hédoin "Linking institutions to economic performance: The role of macro-structures in micro-explanations"


Ludivine Roussey and Bruno Deffains "Trust in judicial institutions: An empirical approach"


Björn Vollan "Weird reciprocity? A 'within-culture across-country' trust experiment and methodological implications" Supplementary Material


Nara Monkam "International donor agencies’ incentive structures and foreign aid effectiveness"


Issue 8(4), December 2012


Antoon Spithoven "Public governance of health care in the United States: A transaction costs economics (TCE) analysis of the 2010 Reform"


Roger Spranz, Alexander Lenger and Nils Goldschmidt, "The relation between institutional and cultural factors in economic development: The case of Indonesia"


Juan Pablo Couyoumdjian "Are institutional transplants viable? An examination in light of the proposals by Jeremy Bentham"


Hugo Faria, Daniel Morales, Natasha Pineda and Hugo M. Montesinos "Can capitalism restrain public perceived corruption?"


Jonathan Eastwood "Reflections on the implications of evolutionary psychology for the theory of institutions"