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Journal of Institutional Economics

 Volume 9, 2013 (4 issues)

Issue 9(1), March 2013


Stefan Voigt, “How (not) to measure institutions”


James A. Robinson, “Measuring institutions in the Tobriand Islands: A comment of Voigt’s paper”


Mary Shirley, “Measuring Institutions: How to be precise though vague”


Stefan Voigt, "How (not) to measure institutions: A reply to Robinson and Shirley"


Sabine Hoffmann, “Property, possession, and natural resource management: towards a conceptual clarification’


Philippe Batifoulier, John Latsis, and Louise Braddock “Priority setting in healthcare: from arbitrariness to societal values”


David Dequech, “Economic institutions: explanations for conformity and room for deviation”


Chris Fuller, “Reflexivity, relative autonomy and the embedded individual in economics”


Issue 9(2), June 2013


Christian Schubert and Christian Cordes, “Role models that make you unhappy: Light paternalism, social learning, and welfare”


Niclas Berggren and Christian Bjørnskov, "Does religiosity promote property rights and the rule of law?"


Pascal Boyer and Michael Peterson, “Studying institutions in the context of natural selection: Limits or opportunities?”


Jakob Kapeller, “Model-Platonism” in economics: On a classical epistemological critique”


Fragment: Geoffrey M. Hodgson, “‘Ownership’ by A. M. Honoré”


Issue 9(3), September 2013


Fabio Landini, “Institutional change and information production”


Peter Boettke, Christopher Coyne and Peter Leeson, “Comparative historical political economy”


Anthony Endres and David Harper, “‘Wresting meaning from the market’: A reassessment of Ludwig Lachmann’s entrepreneur”


Richard Grabowski, “The formation of growth coalitions: The role of the rural sector”


Massimiliano Vatiero, “Positional goods and Robert Lee Hale’s legal economics”


Béatrice Boulu-Resheff, “Economics of identity and economics of the firm: why and how their three central questions overlap”


Issue 9(4), December 2013


Elinor Ostrom Memorial Issue


Geoffrey M. Hodgson, “Editorial introduction to the Elinor Ostrom memorial issue”


Brett Frischmann, “Two enduring lessons from Elinor Ostrom”


Peter Boettke, Liya Palagashvili and Jayme Lemke, Riding in cars with boys: Elinor Ostrom’s adventures with the police”


Marco Janssen and Peter Anderies, “A multi-method approach to study robustness of social-ecological systems: the case of small-scale irrigation systems”


Mark Pennington, “Elinor Ostrom and the robust political economy of common pool resources”


Bo Rothstein and Rasmus Broms, “Governing religion: The long-term effects of sacred financing”


Francisco J. Beltrán Tapia, “Enclosing literacy? Common lands and human capital in Spain, 1860-1930”.


Maïka De Keyzer “The impact of different distributions of power on access rights: the Campine area, Brecklands and Geest Region compared”